TH 61 Hastings Bridge Replacement Design-Build

Hastings, Minnesota

The critical bridge replacement project increased the capacity from 2 lanes to 4 lanes over the Mississippi River and connected into historical downtown Hastings, MN, which had to address poor soils on the north end and shallow bedrock on the south end. The project was extended north on a change order to replace an existing sinking bridge over CP Railroad and to build a turnaround at May Crest Ave. HZ United designed all phases of MOT and permanent and temporary traffic signal, roadway and non-aesthetic lighting, not including navigational or inspection lighting, and signing for the northern approach road.

HZ United provided street lighting design included substantial utility coordination and municipal consent process for new lightings constructed within the project limits, as well as photometric analysis, light pole location evaluation, power supply /conduit fill / voltage drop design, cost estimation and specifications.

Also, performed were traffic signal design / traffic signal operations engineering services. HZ United prepared project traffic management and incident management plans aimed to maintain the accessibility and minimize traffic interruptions to local traffic and business. Also provided were signal designs to accommodate the improved bridge approach roads through downtown Hastings. The scope of work included coordination with City staff, City Fire Station, and utility companies, signal design, wire diagram, signal cabinet reconfiguration, and ramp signal modification.