METRO Green Line (Central Corridor) Light Rail

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The METRO Green Line is an 11-mile light rail line that connects the central business districts of Minneapolis and St. Paul, the University of Minnesota, Midway neighborhood, Vikings Stadium, and the State Capital. HZ United was the lead drainage engineer responsible for stormwater management, drainage design, and environmental permit compliance through all three phases of the entire project—preliminary engineering, final design, and construction support.
HZ United successful designed and implemented multi-functional sustainable stromwater management facilities. The drainage design team provided watershed modeling, impact analysis, drainage design, agency coordination, and permit application. During the preliminary engineering stage, the team evaluated drainage feasibilities to support the preferred alignment and station design concept. In the final design, HZ United performed the watershed modeling demonstrating the proposed drainage improvements meet the LRT functional needs while mitigating adverse impacts to the existing local drainage utility. HZ United also implemented Green Infrastructure technology, such as the integrated infiltration trench that combines street scope, trees, and drainage systems to reduce storm water runoff and pollutants loading, maximize infiltration and rainwater recycling, and enhance community value. HZ United also performed design support and construction management tasks during the four year construction phase after the design was complete. HZ United designed alternatives to resolve field problems encountered during construction, reviewed shop drawings and specifications for product materials, evaluated contractors’ proposal for construction means and methods, and making recommendations to the Council to resolve drainage related construction and contract issues.