TH 169 St Peter Design-Build

St. Peter, Minnesota

The project reconstructed 1.6 miles of 4-lane trunk highways through historic downtown Saint Peter which also included the convergence of TH 169, MN 22 and MN 99 near the Minnesota River where there were issues related to a shallow bedrock. In general, the area was flat which made for some very tricky drainage and road profile considerations. ADA requirements and providing access for local businesses also provided unique challenges on this project. As a sub-consultant to the Shaffer /RLK team HZ United provided design services in the areas of drainage design, stormwater management, flood control, roadway and traffic, pedestrian safety enhancements, and medians. HZ United provided design for all traffic signal and signing for both temporary and permanent conditions. Also provided were traffic management and incident management plans for the project and the traffic quality control workbook required by the project quality control manual.