TH 51 Snelling Avenue Signal Modification and ADA Ramp Improvement

St. Paul, Minnesota

HZ United completed the final design for ADA ramp upgrade, sidewalk reconstruction, and APS signal modifications, and traffic signal design improvements at the two busy intersections of Concordia Avenue and St. Anthony Avenue in the City of St. Paul. The project had an aggressive schedule and requires extensive coordination with the City of St. Paul, MnDOT, and other consultants for a coherent design and deliverable. The design of APS, pedestrian ramps, and sidewalks are in accordance with MnDOT State-Aid and the City of St. Paul standards. HZ United also retained S.E.H. as a sub-consultant to conduct independent review and checking. MnDOT encouraged this prime and sub-consultant arrangement, which is also a result of the S.E.H. – HZ United’s on-going partnership under MnDOT’s mentor-protégé program.